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  • 28 January 11 19 hours after the Sudokuhax release Nintendo removed EA's Sudoku from the DSi Shop. It isn't listed on the EUR shop anymore, it's listed on the USA shop but it's unknown if it still can be bought. Some of the games on the vulnlist are gone on EUR shop.
  • 27 January 11 Team Twiizers released DSiWare exploit Sudokuhax, loads full DSi-mode homebrew from SD card.
  • 14 January 11 The DSi Common key has been disclosed to the public. Please do not post it here.
  • 07 September 10 Nintendo released System Menu 1.4.1 in all regions except China where System Menu 1.4.2 was released instead. This update blocks some flashcards.
  • 25 August 10 Dave J Murphy (WinterMute) released DSi Link, allowing running larger DSi mode homebrew binaries [1]