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DSi Enhanced Games are games for all versions the Nintendo DS that act normally on a DS Phat or DS Lite but when the game is run in a DSi will have access to the DSi hardware (Such as the extra RAM and most commonly cameras).

So far though the DSi sections of the games have not been put into a ROM (As with the first DSi Exclusive Game, Monster Finder). So how the game uses the extra features is not known, however DSi mode is detected by checking if the first two bits value are 1 in byte hw reg 0x04004000.

DSi Enhanced Exploits DSi exploits

The DSi Enhanced games have been used to make the DSi run custom code in DSi mode and the first DSi homebrew. So far it has only been done on My Healthy Cooking Coach and Classic Word Games

List of DSi Enhanced Games (As of 29th November 2009)

Name Publisher
My Healthy Cooking Coach Ubisoft
Classic Word Games Ubisoft
THE iDOLM@STER: Dearly Stars Namco
Imagine Journalist Ubisoft
The Biggest Loser THQ
Dolphin Island Underwater Adventures Ubisoft
Imagine Rescue Vet Ubisoft
Rabbids Go Home Ubisoft
Girls Life: Fashion Addict Ubisoft
Girls Life: Make Over Ubisoft
Woman's Murder Club: Games of Passion THQ
Assassin's Creed II: Discovery Ubisoft
Style Lab: Jewelry Design Ubisoft
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