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This page is dedicated to the listing of exploits for the Nintendo DSi. Anyone may contribute to this list. This page my not, however be deleted in any way, this ensures that that development of this page is not slowed down. Due to the fact that this page has not changed for over a year due to resets, no more resets.

DSi-mode exploits

Team Twiizers had relased a DSi-Mode Exploit called Sudokuhax that loads a homebrew from the SD card in DSi Mode. The exploit requires that you have purchased the Sudoku by EA game. More details and download at: [1].

Team Twiizers also have found a DSi-Mode Exploit and have managed to use it to run DSi Mode homebrew. However it has not yet been released. More details at : [2] The additional hardware is just required to get a connection to a computer so that things like ram dumps can be created.

Wintermute has made available an open source DSi hack. The exploit works on DSi enhanced games, allowing you to run custom code from a save file. Instructions for using the exploit can be found here: [3]

If you know of DSiWare that has English-only string input,(high-scores, player name, high-scores that use username from system settings, etc) go here.

DS-mode exploits

This type of exploit is undesirable because all DSi functionality, such as usage of the cameras, is unavailable to homebrew.

Blasteh (Blasty) has posted a video on Youtube showing code being run in DS mode on the DSi using Fifa '08.

List of ideas for exploitation/hacking of latest dsi version

rules →do not remove ideas, only add

→do not delete this section

iwantfun-a hack using download play

iwantfun-an simulator/emulator like the one for ipod [this is to help hacking development]

iwantfun-a costom headphone jack that plugs into computer [usb] and can access dsi files or softmod from a computer program

iwantfun-there is 4 game [dsi shop] exploits that work on all system versions exept latest.make more of them.

iwantfun-a costom charger cord with usb that plugs into computer and a program described below

iwantfun-a program that detects if usb cord is attached or has a manual ability called 'select a usb port'. then it sends a virus that enter's the dsi [ or any unfortionate device u forgot to unplug] and deletes by force all security files and replaces them with fakes/replacements.all security certificate's however are left untouched.I am not liable for any damages caused by this on said 'unfortunate' devices.

iwantfun-this is a likely to work method.using a different program then described above.this program deletes everything and replaces all of the files with any force neccesary.one way to ensure this is to make the program not interpret any of the data and give it all of the known unencryption keys, certificate's, and signature's in case it needs it. it would also have the administrative power [either though something fake,though hacking, or legit/real].it would replace the system with already hacked files, menu, etc.

iwantfun-this will also likely work. hack a game download from the dsi store . replace the file thats downloaded from the dsi store with a dsi exploiting file, plus the game.