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Frequently asked questions are here.

Q: What is the purpose of this project?

A: Getting unsigned "homebrew" code running on the Nintendo DSi in native DSi mode.

Q: Any progress?

A: Not much as this project just started. However, Team Twiizers has managed to execute some form of unsigned code by directing the save file area of a DSi-mode game to an Arudino chip. This will lead to further - and easier to replicate - exploits.

Q: What is the purpose of running "homebrew" code on the Nintendo DSi?

A: The Nintendo DSi is a decently powerful system that has a SD slot, 2 cameras on it and a touch screen all in a portable system great for homebrew.

Q: Why not just rely on already available flash carts for homebrew?

A: The goal here is to run our own code via a software exploit, not a hardware one. Also, some flash carts have a bad reputation. Finally, current flash carts only allow you to run DS-native homebrew, with no DSi features (such as the cameras) or increased processing power being available. Also, SD Cards for the DSi are cheaper than flash carts.