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Frequently asked questions are here.

Q: What is the purpose of this project?

A: Getting unsigned "homebrew" code running on the Nintendo DSi in native DSi mode.

Q: Any progress?

A: The Dsi Common key has been found! Now we can decrypt Dsi specific code. And Team Twiizers has managed to execute some form of unsigned code by directing the save file area of a DSi-mode game to an Arudino chip. This will lead to further - and easier to replicate - exploits, such as Sudokuhax.

Q: What is the purpose of running "homebrew" code on the Nintendo DSi?

A: The Nintendo DSi is a decently powerful system that has a SD slot, 2 cameras on it and a touch screen all in a portable system great for homebrew.

Q: Why not just rely on already available flash carts for homebrew?

A: The goal here is to run our own code via a software exploit, not a hardware one. Also, some flash carts have a bad reputation. Finally, current flash carts only allow you to run DS-native homebrew, with no DSi features (such as the cameras) or increased processing power being available. Also, SD Cards for the DSi are cheaper than flash carts.

Q: How can we know DSiware title code?

A: If you mean title IDs, see the title list. If you want to download DSiWare from NUS, you can't without the ticket which isn't available on NUS.

Q: What is FATFS? /PXI

A: PXI is the TWL SDK inter-processor communication system over the FIFO. FATFS is the TWL SDK Arm7 FAT interface for NAND, SD, etc.

Q: How does Team Twiizers dump dsiware?

""A:"" Magic.