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A miniature dictionary for terms you may encounter on DSiBrew.



A language homebrew developers program in.


An object oriented language homebrew developers program in. Like its name suggests, C++ is essentially a step up from C.



A handheld console created by Nintendo. It is the second successor to the Nintendo DS, and the 6th generation portable Nintendo gaming system. It features two (larger) screens, two cameras, and an online shop system. The menu is also overhauled, now using similar channels as used on the Wii.

DS Lite

The predecessor to the DSi.


The original dual-screen successor to the Nintendo Gameboy.


A platform started by Nintendo that allows developers to cheaply create and then sell original content at low prices (compared to the prices of brand new DSi games).


SD Card

A common type of memory card, used by the DSi, digital cameras, music players, etc. Stands for Secure Digital.


Stands for Secure Digital High Capacity Card. A type of SD card with a higher storage capacity than normal SD cards.

System Menu

The DSi's main interface which appears after the health warning screen when the system is powered on.



See Title metadata.


A title is a DSi Game on a card or a DSiWare. A title is identified by a unique title ID, an 8 byte (4 character) long code used for title identification. All titles are encrypted for security purposes.

Title Metadata

A format used for storing metadata about a title and its installed contents, including which contents they consist of and their SHA1 hashes.