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This wiki has information about the DSi's [[IO Map]] and [[SD/MMC/SDIO Registers]] and [[Interrupts]] and other things.
Could somebody unlock [[Main Page/Navigation]], so one won't need to link that kind of stuff in [[Main Page/Current events]]?

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Latest news

  • 27 May 19 Shutterbug2000 has released Memory Pit, a new DSi system applet exploit for the Nintendo DSi Camera.
  • 10 April 19 zoogie has released SystemFlaaw, the (possibly) first public DSi-Exclusive Cart exploit for the game, SystemFlaw.
  • 2 March 19 ChampionLeake released UNO*pwn, a UNO DSiWare exploit to support USA, EUR, and JPN region consoles.
  • 23 February 19 nocash released no$gba v2.9d, even more further improvements for DSi debugging and added 3DS register specs.