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| title      = GodMode9i
| title      = GodMode9i
:::: Aurthor: [https://github.com/RocketRobz/ RocketRobz]
:::: Author: [https://github.com/RocketRobz/ RocketRobz]
:::: Released: October 6, 2018
:::: Released: October 6, 2018

Latest revision as of 05:01, 12 July 2022

Author: RocketRobz
Released: October 6, 2018
Version: 2.3.1

GodMode9i is a file manager that lets you explore the files of both the NAND and the SD Card


Once launched, select between the the NAND or the SD Card, then open folders by pressing A, B to go back, Y to copy and X to delete.

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