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  • Includes (2) 0.3 Megapixel VGA Cameras
  • 240MB(+16MB probably reserved for wear leveling purposes (e.g. replacing bad blocks)) Internal Flash Memory - Samsung kmapf0000m-S998 MOVI NAND - MMC Interface
  • 16MB RAM - NEC uPD 46128512AF1 - DDR SRAM or a Fujitsu 128-Mbit FCRAM 82DBS08164D-70L (datasheet: http://edevice.fujitsu.com/fj/DATASHEET/e-ds/e511454.pdf mirror:Media:E511454.pdf
  • (2) 256 x 192 3.25 Inch Displays, one of which has a resistive touch screen
  • Backwards compatible with Nintendo DS games but not GBA games due to the lack of a gameboy cartridge port.
  • Integrated ARM7/ARM9 cores clocked at 133mhz in real mode and downclocked to 66mhz for compatibility mode.
  • PAIC3000D Sound Chip - possibly a TI codecs: AIC3 ????
  • Mitsumi (MM3317A) or TI 72071B0 - Power supply and charger circuit ????
  • SD/SDHC Card slot
  • WiFi_Module with integrated 128KB SPI Flash for NVRAM, WiFi settings

Hardware Revisions


    • board C/TWL-CPU-01 (Original rev, all pictures below)
    • CPU: TWL. The latest date code picture I could find online was "0836 1m" as shown below, however other pictures with CPU covered show the NAND codes as late as 916, so...
    • Suspect this is the only board where WiFi chip is available in Hybrid games like CookingCoach
    • Wireless card DWM-W015

DSi RevA

    • board C/TWL-CPU-10 (Newer model, can someone provide a date or serial # range?)
    • CPU: TWL A. Mine is "0940 2m". My US Serial # is ~ TW71848???[5]. If yours is earlier, please update this.



    • board C/UTL-CPU-01
    • CPU is TWL A
    • Wireless card DWM-W024



Twl front.jpg Twl front traces.jpg

The socket to the left of the ARM processor is the wifi chip socket.

TWL CPU pinout map: File:Twl cpu pinout.pdf (WIP)


Twl back.jpg

NAND Pinout

Dsi nand.jpg Dsi nanddat.png

NAND Pinout With Conventional Markings


NAND Compressed.jpg


Side B Marked Compressed.png

PCB Overlay

Nintendo DSi PCB Layered.jpg

CPU with New RAM


Glamor Shot