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Author: shutterbug2000, Apache Thunder, Gericom, stuckpixel, RocketRobz (menus), Mondul (Helper)
Released: June 23, 2019
Version: 1.0

HiyaCFW is a tool used to create a SD NAND onto your DSi. Along with that it is easier to install Homebrew and other software onto the DSi Menu


First you will need a copy of your NAND. Once you have that tell the application where your NAND bin is and where your SD Card is and tell if you want TwilightMenu++ or not then wait. Once done insert the SD Card into your DSi and load Hiya.dsi


If your SD is over 2GB you will get a System Error has Occured to fix this input this command in either cmd or the terminal.


fsutil file createnew dummy0 1073741824

Mac and Linux:

dd if=/dev/zero of=dummy0 count=1024 bs=1048576

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