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m (I already bitched about this but once again TwilightMenu++ is respected homebrew at this point and regardless of backup loading is not warez.)
(Undo revision 2099556 by DeadSpecimen (talk) sorry, but just because it’s well respected doesn’t mean it’s not piracy. Plus, hbmenu exists, so it’s not like this is the only way to run homebrew.)
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{{Delete|Loads DS/DSi backups (warez)}}
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TWiLight Menu++
Author: RocketRobz
Released: May 6, 2017

TWiLight Menu++ is a custom menu that lets you run DS(i) roms (via nds-bootstrap), DSiWare (via Unlaunch), homebrew, and other things.


To use it, navigate to what you want to load and press A and to change settings, press SELECT and select TWLMenu++ Settings.


  • If you have problems with a normal DS ROM the best fix is to set the bootstrap to RELEASE, or turn heap shrink off in the per-game settings.
  • If you have problems with a piece of DSiWare just wait for next update of Unlaunch.

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