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verdata (0003000f-HNLx) is a bundle of data which corresponds to a system update -- every time Nintendo announces a new system update, they will update one or more other titles and then update this title. This prevents the common case of system updates that do not update the System Menu from resulting in no version number change, which happened on the Wii.

The first 0x80 bytes are probably a digital signature. This is followed by a NARC archive that contains the following files:

  • twl-nup-cert.der - server cert for software update server
  • twl-nup-prvkey.der - client-side private key for software update server
  • twl-shop-cert.der - server cert for Shopping Channel server
  • twl-shop-prvkey.der - client-side private key for Shopping Channel server
  • NintendoCA-G2.der - Certificate Authority cert, used to sign the other certs
  • eula_url.bin - URL to the EULA text for this system update, generally
  • nup_host.bin - server to query for the next system update, generally
  • time_stamp.bin - build date for this version, e.g. 00281108 (November 28, 2008)
  • user_area_size.bin - e.g. 00000008
  • version.bin - machine and human-readable version numbers for this version of the System Menu, e.g.
0000000: 01000300 31002e00 33004500 00000000  ....1...3.E.....
0000010: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  ................
  • bytes 0 and 1 are the major version number, bytes 2 and 3 are the minor version number, and the rest of the file is the human-readable UCS-2 version number displayed in the Settings menu as the "System Menu Version".

Other titles access this data by reading from e.g. "verdata:/version.bin".