Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist

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The Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist is a system title (HNHA / 0003000f484e4841) that contains a list of whitelisted DS carts. It also exists as a 3DS TWL_MODE title.

Basic File Structure

The file consists in one header, a list of titles and a footer. Note: this page only covers the initial versions of the whitelist. Later versions also have NDHX and NDHI sections and have footer differences.

Header Structure

The header is 136 bytes.

Start Length Description
0x00 4 An ID (NDHT)
0x04 0x80 Unknown
0x84 4 Number of titles in file

Title Structure

A title is 48 bytes.

Start Length Description
0x00 4 ROM serial
0x04 4 ROM revision
0x08 20 The first SHA-1 sum
0x1C 20 The second SHA-1 sum

Footer Structure

The footer is 24 bytes.

Start Length Description
0x00 24 Unknown