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verdata (00030005-HNLx) is a bundle of data which corresponds to a release of the "System Menu" -- every time Nintendo announces a new version of the system menu, they will update one or more other titles and then update this title.

The first 0x80 bytes are probably a digital signature. This is followed by a NARC archive that contains the following files:

  • twl-nup-cert.der - server cert for software update server
  • twl-nup-prvkey.der - client-side private key for software update server
  • twl-shop-cert.der - server cert for Shopping Channel server
  • twl-shop-prvkey.der - client-side private key for Shopping Channel server
  • NintendoCA-G2.der - Certificate Authority cert, used to sign the other certs
  • eula_url.bin - URL to the EULA text for this system update, generally
  • nup_host.bin - server to query for the next system update, generally
  • time_stamp.bin - build date for this version, e.g. 00281108 (November 28, 2008)
  • user_area_size.bin - e.g. 00000008
  • version.bin - machine and human-readable version numbers for this version of the System Menu, e.g.
0000000: 01000300 31002e00 33004500 00000000  ....1...3.E.....
0000010: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  ................
  • bytes 0 and 1 are the major version number, bytes 2 and 3 are the minor version number, and the rest of the file is the human-readable UCS-2 version number displayed in the Settings menu as the "System Menu Version".

Other titles access this data by reading from e.g. "verdata:/version.bin".