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Nintendo DSi Camera is an application that use the Cameras.


Take pics with the the inner/outer cam of your DSi, edit them with eleven different filters and show them to your friends by sending them to local DSi's. You can edit both before and after you take a picture.

Pictures can be sent between DSi systems and loaded onto the DSi from an SD card. However, images not taken with a DSi camera will not be viewable because they lack the proper HMAC stored inside a custom EXIF tag.

The Camera also has a secret piano, on graffiti mode you can use the music notes to play sounds.

  • Top is high.
  • Bottom is low.
  • Right is high.
  • Left is low.

There are many notes that can be created. The notes may be arranged in an 8 by 4 grid. This allows for (small) monophonic compositions accompanied by the background music of the application.

JPEG Files

JPEG's Put on to an SD card off the computer are NOT viewable on the DSi, even if put into the correct folder (DCIM/). Photos, however, taken with the DSi are viewable on the computer. If edited on the computer, DSi photos will become unreadable on the DSi.

Picture Quality

The DSi has a 0.3 megapixel camera on the outside and the inside. Despite this low MP rating, the picture quality is relatively good for that of the cheap cameras included. However, when viewing a light source indirectly, the camera will display fuzzy lines scanning the photo.


The pit.bin file stores certain metadata such as the markings on images. The SD copy is stored at "sd:/private/ds/app/484E494A/pit.bin" regardless of region. This file is used by the Memory Pit exploit.

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