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Nintendo DSi Sound is an sound application built into the Nintendo DSi to play and play WITH music files in the AAC format and utilizes its microphone.


Nintendo DSi Sound is an application that ship with the Nintendo DSi. With it, you can listen and "play with" AAC audio files stored on a memory card. You can also record and edit your own voice. It can't play MP3 audio files. The sound application can also browse through folders that you store your music in. For instance, you can make a folder on the SD card that is named "Country" and put all of your country music in it and when you are looking for music on the channel you will see the folder "Country" and be able to see all of the music, and play, all the music that has been put in it. This can help you organize your music if you have a lot of it on the SD card. Note that there is a 3,000 song display limit on the Nintendo DSi.

Converting to supported formats

Convert music to an AAC format using BonkEnc encoder

  • Download and install the application BonkEnc
  • Add your music (in your computer) with the red icon or add your music (in a CD) with the blue icon

Convert music DSi.gif

  • Now, click on the red icon to configure the encoder

Convert music DSi2.gif

  • In the new window, change "Encoder" to "FAAC MP4/AAC Encoder v1.26" and click on the "OK" button
  • Select the output directory (on the bottom of the window)
  • Now you can start by cliking on the red icon

Convert music DSi4.gif

  • Your music will be available in the output directory in .m4a format

Convert music to an AAC format using iTunes

If the file on iTunes is a normal AAC:

  • Download and install the application iTunes.
  • Click on file>add file to library.
  • Choose your audio file.
  • Right click on a file in your library and select "convert to AAC."

If the file on iTunes is a protected AAC:

  • Copy the song(s) to a CD.
  • Copy the song(s) on the CD to Windows Media Player.
  • Windows Media Player will make these into MP3s, which iTunes can convert to AAC.

Convert music to an AAC format using WinFF (GNU FFmpeg frontend)

  • Download from
    • This is for WinXP and Linux
  • Get it to work
    • Install
    • Configure directories if needed
      • Edit>Preferences
  • Add all files that need conversion (Video files will rip only the audio portion)
  • Change to proper encoding settings
    • Output Details tab
      • Convert To: Audio
      • Device Precet: MPEG4 Audio
      • Change output folder to the SD card you wish to insert into the DSi
  • Click the Convert button
  • Please Wait

Note: This will output .m4a files. These are AAC files readable by the DSi.